Cray Cray Pai Pai

Paisley Dawn, you’ve added so much mischief, pink laundry and laughter to our lives in just 2 short years. You are beautiful and smart and kind and we love watching your personality unfold.

All About Paisley:

  1. Girl loves shoes. She changes shoes at least 5x/day. IMG_3705
  2. She prefers vegetables to anything. Cucumbers and roasted broccoli are her favorites. She would much rather eat adult food than chicken nuggets or pizza like Finn. She’ll only eat dark chocolate. We’ve got a little foodie on our hands. FullSizeRender 41IMG_3617
  3. Armstrong Dance Party begins every evening around 6:15pm. Girl’s got moves you’ve never seen. 😉 Then we race around the house–Finn in his wheelchair, and Paisley with her “wheelchair” (baby stroller). She wants to be just like Bubba.
  4. She loves bubbles and animals and babies. She is naturally nurturing and tender and loves “putting us to sleep.” IMG_4218 2
  5. She would do anything for Finn. I love to watch their growing friendship. IMG_3788IMG_3794
  6. She is bossy. I think that’s my fault. IMG_4198 2
  7. She drinks a vegan Arbonne protein shake every morning like mommy and daddy. The greener the better.
  8. She has curly, unruly hair like her Papa Terry. Shea Moisture spray does the trick.IMG_4024
  9. She is a big helper. She loves to clean and help me unload groceries or the dishwasher. IMG_4203 2
  10. She’s a climber, a jumper, a mover. She carries a step stool around the house so she can have full access at all times. Sister is a busy girl. IMG_3738
  11. I love her legs. They’re strong and sturdy. Stout and muscular. IMG_3631I prayed for long, skinny legs for a good portion of my adolescence. I didn’t like anything about my own. But when I see them in miniature form on my perfect daughter, I’m obsessed with them. Falling in love with her body has made me love my own even more.

Paisley, we love you. We need you. We celebrate you this weekend!

IMG_4184 2



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